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Communitas ... The Spirit of Community!

Dear Families & Friends,

Well, what is culture anyway?

There are many, many factors that influence the formation of culture. Culture has been described as the complete whole, including the knowledge, beliefs, morals, laws, and customs of a society. It is manifest in the social fabric that governs our interactions with each other, and it grows and adapts to the accepted norms of the time.

Many of us are witnessing the changing culture in our society, businesses and communities. Recently, Cigna conducted a national study on loneliness and found that by and large, Americans are experiencing high rates of isolation. But we should not lose hope because we have the means of working together to reduce loneliness for everyone, especially for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

At Pathfinder Village, we believe that culture is most influenced by communitas … the spirit that creates common purpose and human bonds. It is a more intimate connection with one another, rather than simply living in a community.

We invite you to visit the publications page on our website to download our 2019 Community Calendar. We hope it reminds you of the power of communitas, and how it has taken shape at Pathfinder Village for nearly four decades.

As you turn the calendar pages and read the stories, we hope it reminds you that you are a vital member of this community. We continue to need and value your support and involvement all the year through, and we hope you will help us share our vision that respects the individual, sees the ability, and nurtures real connections.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at Pathfinder Village!

Paul C. Landers
President & Chief Executive Officer
Pathfinder Village Foundation

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